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How to Become an Inc Contributor

If you want to become an Inc. contributor, you must be willing to comply with certain requirements. You should not be involved in any unsavoury activities. For example, you should not be involved in selling traffic, using black hat SEO tactics, or attaching yourself to spam. This way, you’ll avoid getting rejected. But there’s a catch. You must not be affiliated with a website that enables spammers to post content.

The Contributor represents that the Work is his or her own original work, and warrants that no third parties own it. The Company, the Acquirer, and the Contributor Guarantor are each parties to the License Agreement. The Contributor acknowledges that the Transferred Assets are being transferred to the Company, waives any rights to change the terms of the License Agreement, and accepts the Terms and Conditions as stated in the agreement.

While traditional publishers such as Time Inc. have struggled to turn around their print-based business, they’re now looking to digital dollars to replace declining print revenue. With new products and services, Inc. is trying to build a larger audience and expand its brand. The new tools will help editors to do so. The contributors will be vetted by an editor, with geographic and subject matter expertise playing a role. A recent example was when editors of the Essence festival in Durban, South Africa, used Springboard to onboard contributors.

Once you’ve signed up to become an Inc. contributor, you’ll need to continue to write articles consistently for six months. This means six articles a month. You’ll get paid a low rate for each article you write. These rates are lower than the fees you’d pay for freelance work or consulting. You can be a contributing editor and receive a monthly income. The rate of pay for each article will depend on your contribution, and your willingness to commit to writing at least six articles per month.

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