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If you’re not familiar with Google’s search console, you might be surprised to learn that it is completely free. You can install this program on your PC, Mac, or Linux and use it to crawl your website. The program helps you identify problems and suggests ways to fix them. It also speeds up SEO audits significantly punch4day.

Another useful SEO keyword tool is Bing ads intelligence, which works like Google’s keyword planner, except that it is supplied by Microsoft. Both tools analyze web pages and can generate word clouds based on their content. You can also use tag crowd to analyze web pages and find the most used keywords. This tool is extremely helpful in keyword research, especially for businesses that want to increase their online visibility world247web.

Using Google’s keyword tool is an excellent way to find related keywords. This tool scrapes popular websites for keywords based on a seed keyword. The results are then displayed in a new tab. Using the tool to get keyword ideas is quick and easy. You can also combine the keywords that resulted from each website to come up with new, unique ones realitytime.

Another keyword tool that you can use to find long-tail keywords is Moz Keyword Explorer newsxpres. This tool shows you the volume and difficulty of keywords related to your seed keyword. It also provides an estimated cost per click for each keyword. In addition, this tool also lets you drill down into related keywords to identify opportunities for new keywords. You can also see which keywords have featured snippets trueclassics.

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