5 Tips For Properly Applying your Product Labels

Are you having a hard time getting your product labels to look just the way you want them to? Are they peeling off or coming unstuck? If so, follow these five simple tips for properly applying your product labels, and you’ll have beautiful, professional-looking labels in no time!

1. Clean the surface area thoroughly before

It is essential to clean the surface area thoroughly before applying your product labels! If the surface isn’t clean, the labels will likely peel or come unstuck. So be sure to give the surface a good cleaning with an alcohol-based cleanser and a microfiber towel before you start applying your labels.

2. Peel the label carefully

When you’re peeling the label off of the backing sheet, be careful not to rip it. If you pull off the label too quickly, it could tear. So take your time when peeling off the label and make sure that it comes off in one piece. Also, avoid touching the center of the label. Especially clear labels will show off fingerprints.

3. Position it on your ideal spot

Once you’ve peeled the label off of the backing sheet, it’s important to position it in the right spot before applying any pressure. If you position it incorrectly, it could end up crooked or out of place. So take a minute to position your label in the perfect spot before pressing down on it.

4. Push air bubbles out

There are often air bubbles trapped underneath the material of your custom label when you apply it. You’ll want to press down on the label and push these bubbles out before they become a problem. If you don’t push out the air bubbles, they can cause the label to become wrinkled or bubbled up.

5. Let it bond with the surface for 24 hours

Once you’ve applied the label, don’t move it around or touch it for at least 24 hours so that it has a chance to bond with the surface properly. If you move or touch it before then, it could cause the label to peel or come unstuck. So be patient and let the label bond with the surface for a full day before moving or touching it.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that your business labels are applied correctly and look great! So don’t hesitate to give them a try next time you’re applying labels to your products.

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